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3 propane torches for burning weeds

The idea of weeding a lawn or vegetable garden using a flame thrower or propane weed burner can make some homeowners uneasy, but it is something worth considering.

Flame weeding, also known as flaming, is a better option for managing weeds. It works by passing a flame over a weed briefly to heat its tissues enough to kill them.

After the application of heat, the plant dulls and wilts. The method is more effective in annual weeds because it will eliminate the plants for good. Although it can also get rid of perennial weeds, it requires several applications to be effective.

Essentially, flame weeding is a slow kill. In other words, you are destroying the cell structure in the plant leaf, which ensures the weed does not have any energy for photosynthesis.

As a result, it will ruin the whole root system and prevent further re-growth. But for this method to be effective, you need the best weed-killer torch or burner.

The best weed-killer torch can help you crank up the heat and eliminate the toughest weeds on your lawn, garden, or field.

Top 3 propane torches for burning weeds

If you are looking to eliminate weeds on your property, these are the three propane torches for weeds:

  • Best overall propane torch for weeds – Flame King YSNPQ810CGA Propane Torch Weed Burner. (Available on Amazon.)
  • Best light-duty propane torch for weeds – AUSAIL Weed Torch Propane Burner. (Get from Amazon.)
  • Best pin-point flame propane torch for weeds – Red Dragon VT 1-32 C 25000 BTU Mini Weed Dragon Torch. (Buy from Amazon)

Things to consider when choosing a propane torch for weeds

Buying the best weed-burning torch can be challenging because of the many choices available. The essential thing to understand is how the tools work in eliminating weeds from your lawn.

Generally, there are factors worth considering:

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Propane torches for weeds can either be lightweight or heavy-duty. Lightweight torches are easy to carry around as you point on the unwanted plants.

Heavy-duty burners are bulky and have big propane tanks. They burn longer, making them ideal for large-scale jobs.

Tank capacity

Tank capacity will depend on the type of job you are doing. However, consider compact propane torches because they have small tanks that make them easier to carry around.

Alternatively, buy a tool with a sizeable tank to ensure you can burn a large area without exhausting the gas.

Flame control

Some propane torches for weeds come with an in-built valve to adjust the size of the flame when torching plants and regulate the amount of gas consumed. They can also switch between tasks.


Price is a crucial factor to consider when it comes to buying a propane torch for weed control.

Pricey models are often high-quality. But you can also get quality models at a low price. Ideally, buy a high-quality and functional propane torch at a budget-friendly price.

Detailed reviews of our top propane torches for weeds

Here are three of the best propane torches for weeds you should consider:

1. Flame King YSNPQ810CGA Propane Torch Weed Burner

Flame King YSNPQ810CGA

Image: Amazon

If you are looking for the best weed burner on the market, the Flame King YSNPQ810CGA Propane Torch Weed Burner is what you need.

It comes with a flame control valve to easily control the flame size and molded handle for easy grip and comfort. Furthermore, the burner comes fully assembled and has an integrated self-lighting ignition for a quick flame.

Although the tool has many features, such as a long wand and igniter, the weed burner does not come with a propane tank. That means you will have to buy it separately.

However, you will love it because:

  • It is easy to carry around.
  • It has a quality build.
  • It’s budget-friendly.
  • It is safe to handle.
  • You can regulate the gas flow.
Generally, if you want the most convenient tool to start a fire that will burn unwanted plants on your lawn, Flame King YSNPQ810CGA Propane Torch Weed Burner is worth your consideration.

2. AUSAIL Weed Torch Propane Burner

Ausail Weed Torch

Image: Amazon

If you want a weed torch that is lightweight and easy to balance when burning weeds, the AUSAIL Weed Torch Propane Burner is the best in that class.

The torch can burn weeds hidden or growing in different areas, including patios, lawns, pavements, and gardens. You can also regulate the pressure and intensity of the flame using its control knob.

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Although the propane burner is handy for weed control, it does not stay lit throughout the application. Therefore, you will have to ignite it from time to time.

The pros of the AUSAIL Weed Torch Propane Burner include:

  • Its narrow torch head allows you to treat smaller areas and spots effectively.
  • It comes with an ergonomic anti-slip handle.
  • It produces up to 500,000 BTUs of heat.
The AUSAIL Weed Torch Propane Burner is worth considering if you want a burner that will allow you to weed comfortably without bending, crouching, or experiencing hand fatigue. It is also the best propane torch with a push-button igniter.

3. Red Dragon VT 1-32 C 25000 BTU Mini Weed Dragon Torch

Red Dragon VT 1-32 C

Image: Amazon

If you want a propane torch that will allow you to pinpoint the flame on a specific weed, the Red Dragon VT 1-32 C 25000 BTU Mini Weed Dragon Torch is the best to consider.

The torch is perfect for spot-weeding driveways, sidewalks, walkways, between garden rows, and around hardwood trees. Furthermore, you can use it along fences, borders, and many other areas.

The Mini Weed Dragon Torch is safe and easy to operate and boasts an adjustable flame when used as recommended.

The only issue with the torch burner is that it does not have a self-ignitor, and its flame is average. But some of its advantages include:

  • It is well-made and nicely balanced.
  • Has a precise flame discharge.
  • It can withstand prolonged use despite its small design.
The Red Dragon VT 1-32 C 25000 BTU Mini Weed Dragon Torch is worth buying if you want a propane torch that offers precise flaming and works in many areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most commonly asked questions about propane torches for weeds. Go through them to understand whether these torches are worth it in your case.

Is torching weeds bad?

It is not wrong to torch weeds. The method is effective in eradicating annual and perennial weeds.

Essentially, you can use a propane torch to kill broadleaf weeds by subjecting them to high heat. The heat will burn the weed cells, disrupt their water and nutrient flow, and kill the leaves and roots.

Do propane torches work for weeds?

Propane torches work by producing a flame to burn the weeds. The torch will produce heat that will kill the plant’s cell structure when the propane reaches its maximum temperature.

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That will prevent photosynthesis from occurring, thus eliminating the weed. The good thing with propane torches is that their results are instant.

How to use a propane torch for weed elimination

Here are the steps for using a propane or weed blow torch:

  • Clear the area of debris or any combustible materials.
  • Light the torch as directed by the manufacturer.
  • Stroll in the area you want to eliminate the plants, passing the flame on the weeds.
  • Apply the flame to the root or leaves of the weeds.
  • Sweep any extinguished remnants from the area.

Ensure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use the propane torch for weeds.

How do you hook up a weed burner to a propane tank?

Hooking up a weed burner to a propane tank will depend on the model. Ideally:

  • Attach the propane to the wand or hose to the propane tank.
  • Open the valve on the propane tank.
  • Open the valve on the wand to allow gas passage.
  • Press the igniter to light the torch.

Ensure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the safest way to hook up a weed burner to a propane tank.

Do I need a regulator on my propane weed burner?

Ideally, you do not need a regulator on your propane weed burner. However, a regulator is essential to target specific plants since too much heat can destroy good plants on your lawn.

Furthermore, regulating the amount of propane in the tank is necessary to ensure you cover the entire area without running out.

How hot does a weed burner get?

A weed burner can produce at least 20,000 BTUs. The heat is enough to burn any weed on your lawn or vegetable garden.

But you can also get advanced flame throwers that can produce up to 500,000 BTU, which is unnecessary for annual lawn weeds. A burner that can produce between 20,000 BTUS and 100,000 BTUs is the best.

Generally, propane will burn at a temperature of 3,450 degrees Fahrenheit in the air. However, if you add oxygen to propane, the temperature will increase to 4,579 degrees Fahrenheit.

For other fuels, the temperature is different with added oxygen. These are:

  • Acetylene or oxyacetylene – 5,589 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • MAPP or multi-application, propylene – 5,301 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Butane – 4,925 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ensure to follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions when using a weed burner.

Are weed burners dangerous?

Weed burners are not dangerous if used properly. You should always make sure to remove combustible items from the area you intend to burn weeds.

It is even safer to burn weeds than use harsh chemicals that contaminate groundwater and leave toxic residue on your lawn or garden vegetables.


From our propane weed burner reviews, the best torch you should use to control unwanted plants on your lawn are Flame King YSNPQ810CGA, AUSAIL, and Red Dragon VT 1-32 C.

The tools will burn weeds on your lawn at a high temperature to ensure they do not grow back. Moreover, you can use them to eliminate both perennial and annual weeds.