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Does boiling water kill weeds?

Controlling weeds at home should not be difficult. For some homeowners or gardeners, some of the best methods to use include mowing, pulling, mulching, flooding, soil solarisation, and girding, among others.

Others also use chemicals to eliminate these unwanted plants. Understand that you do not have to buy expensive herbicides to eliminate weeds. You can kill weeds permanently using boiling water.

Boiling water has been used as an option for killing weeds since the 1800s, through a method called thermal weed control. It involves using different kinds of radiation, including hot water, fire, or stream to cause thermal injury to the weeds.

By applying hot water, it distorts the cells of the plant by transferring heat energy onto them. You can also use boiling water to kill thistles without having to buy chemicals.

How do you kill weeds with hot water?

You can kill weeds in the grass using hot water using different methods. This depends on the type of weeds and where you would wish to remove them. Some of these include:

Hot water and salt

Here is how you can mix hot water and salt to kill unwanted plants on your pavement:

  • Use a ratio of one cup of salt for every two cups of water.
  • Bring the two contents to boiling.
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Pour the treatment on the weeds. By adding salt, it will dehydrate the plant and disrupt its water balance.

Hot water and dish detergent

The primary reason for adding the detergent is to suffocate the plant. Similarly, the boiling water will transfer heat and distort its cells. Here is hot to mix the treatment.

  • Add two cups of water to a pot.
  • Bring the water to a boil.
  • Add three drops of dish detergent to the water.

Pour the solution over the area infested by the weeds. When using hot water, ensure it boils to over 200F.

How water and newspaper

If you are a gardener and you are planning to grow some foodstuffs, you can use hot water and newspapers as a pre-emergent method of getting rid of weeds. Follow the steps below:

  • Boil some water in a pot.
  • Pour it directly on the weeds.
  • Cover the area with some old newspapers or cardboards.
  • Alternatively, you can spread the cardboards and wet them with hot water to hold them down.

Basically, the hot water will destroy the plant by killing its cells. When you cover the area with newspapers, this will block any oxygen or sunlight from reaching the soil. As a result, you will smother the plants that have already sprouted, and this will prevent new ones from growing.

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Boiling water and vinegar

A combination of boiling water and vinegar offers a practical solution for killing weeds. Vinegar has acetic acid, which will draw moisture from the plants.

The hot water will flow down to the ground and reach the roots of the plants. As a result, the mixture will wilt the weeds and cause them to turn brown, eventually eliminating them from your garden, pavement, or walkway.

To kill weeds between pavers with boiling water and vinegar, here is what you should do:

  • Mix a solution of one cup of vinegar and one cup boiling water.
  • You can also mix the two liquids and bring them to a boil.
  • Allow them to simmer for about 20 minutes.
  • Pour the liquids on the plants or use a hot water sprayer for weeds.

The weeds between your pavers will take time before growing back. Thus, it is best to repeat the procedure once you see them growing again.

Will boiling water kill dandelions?

Dandelions are plants that tend to soak up a lot of water. By pouring hot water on them, this will kill its leaves by burning them. After some time, you will see them turning yellow and curly.

Also, the boiling water will penetrate through the soil and into the root system. When you destroy the roots, the dandelions will eventually die because they will not have any nutrients.

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For this treatment, you only need to bring some water into a boil. Next, pour it on the dandelions and ensure to soak them. Expect to see any results within 24 hours.

In conclusion

You can use boiling water to kill grass in your home as an alternative to chemicals. Hot water will destroy the cells of the plant by transferring heat energy on them. For better results, combine the hot water with vinegar, salt, or dish detergent.