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See the Laser Weeding Robot That Kills 200,000 Weeds Per Hour

Weeds are every farmer’s worst nightmare. They invade crops and compete for space and soil nutrients, resulting in reduced and poor-quality yields. 

But thanks to AI and field robotics, farmers can now eliminate 200,000 weeds per hour. 

Carbon Robotics, an agricultural technology company developed and launched an innovative AI-powered weeding technology named Laserweeder. The robot is pulled by a tow tractor and using high-power lasers, computer vision, and robotics eradicates weeds without harming the crops and soil.

The company’s founder and CEO Paul Mikessel elaborates: “The Laserweeder uses technology to identify, target, and kill weeds by firing a laser at the meristem, ultimately killing them.”

In comparison, a laborer can weed an acre of crop per hour while the LaserWeeder can weed two acres per hour and eliminate 200,000 weeds. Impressively, the smart robot can work day and night and in all weather conditions.

The AI-powered weeding robot has been used in many specialty crop farms across the country for over three years, and the Laserweeders are making many farmers happy. 

While the company has not shared the exact price of the robot weeder, Mikesell has been quoted saying the cost is similar to a mid-sized tractor which could range between $25,000 to $50,000. 

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What Benefits Does The LaserWeeder Offer?

The laserweeder on a farm
The laserweeder is capable of destroying up to 20,000 weeds per hour. Image:carbonrobotics

Here are the benefits the robot weeder will bring to your farm: 

1. Weed Management Automation

Laser weeding technology automates one of the most time-consuming tasks on any farm, weeding. 

2. Efficiency

The technology identifies and eliminates every weed in any soil, promoting a healthier crop yield.

3. Money Savings

Laserweeders reduce the overall cost of manual labor, herbicides, and fertilizers by nearly 80%. The company also predicts the robot weeder can pay itself in 2-3 years. 

4. Sustainable Natural Weed Control Method

Laser weeding is an effective and more realistic natural weed management strategy that does not interfere with the crop and soil. Many farmers can now invest in growing organic crops.

Integrating the weeding technology in a farm promotes efficiency and consistency in daily operations allowing farmers to plan appropriately and enjoy bumper harvests.

To purchase the laserweeder, you need to fill out the sales form on the company’s website. Their team will contact you for further directions.