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How soon can you mow after spraying weed killer?

Are you having a weed problem on your lawn? Weeds can make your yard appear unsightly, after working hard to maintain it. Weeding is thus a vital lawn care practice. However, handpicking the weeds is taxing and takes a lot of time. This is why many people prefer to use a concentrated weed killer.

Once you apply the weed killer, you will still need to mow your lawn to maintain it. Note that, doing so improperly can cause your hard work to go to waste. But worry not! Below, we have compiled all the information you need on spraying weed killer and caring for the grass.

When should you apply a weed killer – before or after mowing?

When it comes to weed killers and mowing, there are two things to consider – when to spray and when to cut. Do you spray the weed killer first and then cut the grass or do you cut the grass then spray the weed killer?

Each of these scenarios can work, but with careful steps to ensure that the weed killer works. For example, if you cut your grass first, you must wait until the weeds grow back again (which can take up to 5 days) before spraying the weed killer.

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Spray weed killer

This ensures that there are enough leaves to soak up the chemicals and kill off the weeds. If you apply before there are enough leaves, the herbicide will not work, and the weeds will keep on growing.

On the other hand, if you apply the herbicide before cutting the grass, you must wait until it soaks up the plants. Therefore, cutting the grass too soon will stop this process, causing the weeds to survive.

How to mow after spraying weeds?

The ideal scenario is to mow your grass after spraying. So, when is the best time for mowing after using weed killer? Most weed killers will come with instructions on mowing schedules, and it can be anywhere between a few hours and two days – depending on the strength of the chemical.

You should wait at least two days before cutting the grass after you have sprayed a weed killer. This ensures complete soaking up of the chemical – up to the roots –  guaranteeing the weeds don’t survive. You should also avoid watering the grass during this period, since water will dilute and/or wash away the chemical, making it less effective.

On top of that, before you spray the chemical, you must wait for an appropriate amount of time after your last mowing. This will ensure that the weeds have enough foliage. It will also allow your grass to recover from the stress of cutting before applying a strong chemical.

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The recommended period to mow after spraying weed killer is about 5 days. But you can wait for up to two weeks after the last cutting before applying the herbicide.

In conclusion

Weed killers work with contact and thus require enough plant foliage to soak up the chemicals. The process also takes time, meaning that you should not be in a hurry to cut the grass immediately after spraying.

By taking both of these considerations, you now have a convenient time to mow after spraying weed killer. This will help eliminate all weeds and give your lawn a healthy and appealing look.