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4 best gloves for pulling weeds and thorns

Do you like to garden by hand but hate the abrasive weeds, thorny plants, and itchy poison ivy? Then, getting a pair of suitable gardening gloves to protect you from such weeds is a good idea.

Gardening gloves can be beneficial when dealing with weeds as they protect you and make the work easier by offering more grip. On top of that, they keep your hands clean and even warm during cold seasons.

With the right pair of gardening gloves, you can turn an otherwise lousy job into a pleasant one. Below, we have researched and come up with a list of the best gloves for pulling weeds currently on the market.

What are garden gloves?

Garden gloves are gloves worn for protection and comfort when gardening or performing other yard-related tasks. They are several types of garden gloves depending on the specific gardening tasks they are designed for.

For example, you can find gloves designed for pulling weeds, while others are for planting, pruning, and harvesting, among others. However, most are multi-purpose and can be used for different tasks based on their durability.

The main differentiating feature among garden gloves is the material. The most common materials include leather (natural or synthetic), rubber, plastic, cotton, nylon, and bamboo. The more durable the material, the more long-lasting the gloves and the heavier their tasks.

The best gloves for pulling weeds

  1. Best overall and most comfortable: NoCry Long Leather Gardening Gloves
  2. Best for women: G & F Women’s Gardening Gloves with Micro-Foam Coating
  3. Best leather gloves (most durable): Ozero Leather Work Gloves
  4. Best for pruning roses: Handlandy Scratch Resistant Gardening Gloves for Ladies

What kind of gloves are good for gardening and weeding?

With so many gardening glove options, how do you choose the best ones? There are several factors you can consider to help you choose the gloves best suited for the job.

1. Material

There are several materials when it comes to gardening and weeding gloves. These include cotton, nylon, leather, and bamboo.

The more durable the gloves, the better the protection they offer. For example, leather gloves are great for weeding, as they provide the best protection against thorny weeds, scratching, cuts, among others.

Pulling weeds

2. Comfort

Comfort is critical when selecting gloves. The more comfortable they are, the easier weeding will be. Comfortable gloves also protect your hands from blisters and keep them warm during the cold season.

Examples of comfort features include warm lining, slim, ergonomic design for an easy fit, and extra padding at fingertips and palms for increased protection.

3. Protection

Aside from the protection offered by the material, you might require added protection from weeds and other substances you might come into contact with.

For example, a waterproof lining is excellent for protecting your hands from water and even chemical substances. The addition of textured material such as silicone can also offer protection from sharp and scratchy objects.

4. Grip

Grip is another top feature to consider when purchasing weeding gloves, especially if you plan to pull weeds by hand.

The better the grip, the easier the work, and the less the chance of getting blisters or cuts on your hands.

Detailed reviews of our top 4 gloves for weeding

Using the above criteria, we have researched and chosen a list of the best gloves for pulling weeds. Below is a look at our top picks:

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1. NoCry Long Leather Gardening Gloves

NoCry Long Leather Gardening Gloves

Are you looking for high-quality gloves for gardening and pulling weeds? Then, you might want to try the NoCry Long Leather Gardening Gloves.

The leather gardening gloves from NoCry are the best solution for all types of gardening and yard work.

They are made from solid and durable leather material that offers protection against thorny plants, poison ivy, and other unpleasant plants and weeds. Thanks to the goatskin leather layer, the gloves are also super comfortable, which offers a soft and supple feel.

NoCry leather gloves are also extra extra-long, which offers protection even to your wrists. They are also reinforced at the palms and fingertips.

However, on the downside, they are not 100% puncture-proof, and some customers have complained about issues with cacti thorns and other small delicate thorny plants.

Why we love them!

  • They perform an excellent job of protecting you from thorns and other abrasive plants.
  • These gloves are long and protect both your hands and arms
  • They are incredibly soft and comfortable to work with
  • They come in different sizes and can be worn by both men and women
If you want a good pair of gloves that offer comfort and protection, the NoCry gardening gloves are a great option.

Get NoCry Long Leather Gardening Gloves from Amazon or the NoCry store.

2. G & F Women’s Gardening Gloves with Micro-Foam Coating

G & F gloves for weeding

Are you looking for ideal women’s gardening gloves? The G & F gloves with micro-foam coating offer a great alternative to the unisex or men’s only gardening gloves.

The G&F are made using nylon and reinforced with a foam coating, offering them a lightweight and durable design.

As a result, you can handle most gardening tasks, such as weed pulling, digging, pruning, raking, and more. In addition, due to their lightweight design, the gloves are pretty flexible and very comfortable.

The micro-foam lining of the gloves makes them breathable, thus preventing sweat from building up when working. It also increases the grip, making pulling weeds (and other garden work) very easy.

F&G gardening gloves are also amazingly priced, with six pairs of gloves available at a low cost. However, you will have to make do with the fact that they are not completely thorn proof and thus not ideal for handling some types of weeds.

Why we love them!

  • They are affordable and offer great value for money
  • They are durable and can handle most of the garden work
  • Comfortable and easy to work with
If you are looking for stylish gloves for women with decent performance, the F&G gloves are a great option.

The G & F Women’s Gardening Gloves are available on Amazon.

3. Ozero Leather Work Gloves

Ozero Leather Work Gloves

Are you looking for the best gloves for weeding thorns? Then, you might want to look at Ozero Leather Work Gloves.

Ozero leather gloves are multi-purpose work gloves designed for all forms of work, from gardening to construction, carpentry, and more. They are made using natural cowhide leather, which offers maximum durability and protection when pulling weeds.

The grain leather at the palm section is puncture and cut-proof, making them one of the best thorn-proof gloves on the market.

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It also offers excellent grip, which guarantees an easier time gardening. On the back, the gloves feature split leather, which is soft, breathable, and offers maximum comfort.

When it comes to the price, the Ozero leather gloves are pretty expensive. However, they are more than worth the money.

Despite their excellent performance, they are not without issues. The top issue is that they don’t have a snug, comfortable fit.

Why we love them!

  • They are made using cowhide, which makes them perfect for heavy-duty tasks
  • They are extra-large and thus offer protection to more sections of your hands
  • The gloves provide excellent protection from punctures, cuts, blisters, and poisonous substances
If you are looking for the best gloves for weeding thorns and other heavy gardening tasks, the Ozero leather gloves are the perfect solution.

Get the Ozero Leather Work Gloves from Walmart or Amazon.

4. Handlandy Scratch Resistant Gardening Gloves for Ladies

Handlandy womens gloves

Are you in search of durable gardening gloves for women? Then, the Handlandy Scratch Resistant gloves for ladies are suitable for the job.

The Handlandy gloves come with a pigskin material on the palm section, which offers excellent protection against thorny weeds. They will protect you from cuts, scratches, and scrapes while gardening.

In addition, they come with a soft and breathable mesh material on the back, which guarantees you extra comfort for long gardening tasks.

The pigskin material also offers extra grip, while the sun and fitting design make them more flexible. As a result, they are effortless to work with, and you will have an easier time pulling weeds.

But what most ladies will love is the stylish, lightweight design with two attractive color options – green and pink.

Handlandy women’s gardening gloves are relatively affordable. However, on the downside, they are not suited for the heavy-duty tasks of most leather gloves.

Why we love them!

  • Durable pigskin leather that makes them perfect for most gardening tasks
  • A comfortable, lightweight, fitting design that makes them easy to work in
  • A stylish colorful design that makes gardening more fun
The Handlandy scratch-resistant gloves are the best gloves for pulling thistles and other scratchy weeds. They are also perfect for most gardening tasks, from pruning to planting, and harvesting, among others.

The Handlandy Scratch Resistant Gardening Gloves are available on Amazon.

Should you wear gloves when pulling weeds?

Pulling weeds might not seem like a task that requires gloves, but they do come in handy. This is the case, especially when pulling weeds by hand or working with thorny, scratchy, itchy, or poisonous weeds.

High-quality gloves offer maximum protection against dangers that you might encounter when weeding. Imagine removing thistles or cacti with your bare hands or accidentally touching poison ivy when weeding. The experience is not going to be a pleasant one.

Aside from protection, gardening gloves also offer increased comfort, which helps to pull weeds with ease. Therefore, you can have fun and spend less time and effort weeding than you would without gloves.

Are nitrile gloves suitable for gardening?

Nitrile gloves are gloves made using nitrile rubber, a synthetic rubber material. They are used across several industries and sectors due to their high resistance to oils and chemical substances.

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Nitrile gloves are thus a great idea when performing gardening tasks that require you to handle chemicals. For example, when using herbicides, fertilizers, or handling seeds that have been treated with chemicals.

However, nitrile gloves do come with a few drawbacks. To start with, they can cause allergic reactions in people who are allergic to rubber or latex. However, the risk is lower than that of rubber or latex gloves.

Secondly, the gloves are not puncture-proof or tear-proof. Therefore, you don’t want to be wearing them when handling thorns or other sharp gardening materials.

Can you use work gloves for gardening?

Yes. You can use work gloves for gardening.

Work gloves are personal protective equipment designed for use during various work projects. They are built for maximum protection and usually cover the hand from the fingers up to the wrist.

They help protect you from cuts, blisters, piercing, exposure to chemicals and other poisonous substances, and more work-related injuries.

Though not explicitly designed for gardening, they are ideal for nearly every gardening task, especially heavy-duty ones.

In fact, in some instances, they can even be better than standard gardening gloves – for example, when dealing with thorny weeds.

Are garden gloves PPE?

Since gardening gloves are worn to protect your hands from injuries, they are considered personal protective equipment.

PPE (personal protective equipment) refers to any clothing worn during an activity to protect you from injury or infections. PPEs include overalls or pants, shoes, goggles, gas masks, helmets, earbuds, gloves, and more.

Garden gloves protect you from tools and plants that can pierce, cut, or scrape you. They also protect you from chemicals, poisonous substances, or even dangerous animals found in the garden – scorpions, spiders, and snakes, among others.

In Europe, gardening gloves are classified by health and safety organizations as PPE and required to have CE certification (mark of quality for conforming with European Health, Safety, and Environmental Protection protocols).

Do gardening gloves have latex?

Not all gardening gloves have latex in them. Nonetheless, it is good to check the labeling to ensure there is no latex, especially if you are allergic to it.

Latex is a rubber-like material that has many uses, including the making of gloves. Latex gloves, primarily used in the medical industry, offer a high level of protection against chemicals, biohazard materials, or tearing materials.

Due to its benefit, latex can be added to gardening gloves to protect against chemical substances or make them waterproof. It is also added to create an extra layer of protection against punctures from thorny plants or other gardening tools.

Wrapping up

If you want to do some weeding, the above are some of the best gloves for pulling weeds. They are designed to offer protection and comfort when dealing with various types of weeds.

Some are heavy-duty and perfect for extreme weeds such as thorny plants, while others are perfect for dealing with weeds without thorns.

Whichever product you choose, one thing is clear – it will be better (and even more fun to use) than using bare hands.