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Country Clipper mower joystick problems and solutions

The Country Clipper mower is one of the most preferred mowers by homeowners because of its versatility and durability.

Furthermore, the company’s mowers are easy to maintain and service, meaning they’ll serve you more. Perhaps one feature that is popular with the mowers is the joystick control.

The joystick is what makes driving the mower seamless and an enjoyable experience. However, many people have noticed issues with the joystick, especially after continuous use.

In a Country Clipper Zero-Turn mower, a joystick control lets you control your mower with one hand. Without it, the mower is unusable.

Issues such as noise, wear and tear, and a sloppy or loose joystick are just among the most common ones you will encounter.

How does the Country Clipper joystick work?

The joystick is a mechanical control device on the Country Clipper mower.

It has two control arms on the bottom, one going to the right hydrostat and the other connected to a rod that goes to the opposite side of the machine and moves a different control arm attached to the second hydrostat.

So, when you move the joystick, the steel arms controlling the hydrostats also move. The movement provides a good zero-turn. Note that the mower will go where you point to the joystick.

In simple terms, the joystick can operate the wheel motors synchronously. As a result, each wheel motor will respond at the proper proportion to move the mower diagonally when you point it sideways.

For example, if you position it to the left, the mower will maneuver in a zero-turn.

You only have to point the joystick in your preferred direction, and the mower will go in that direction. Another function of the joystick is to stop the mower.

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7 common Country Clipper mower joystick problems and their fixes

You may encounter several Country Clipper joystick issues when mowing your lawn. Some of the problems and their solutions include:

1. Noise when turning the joystick

The joystick on the mower can create annoying noise after using it for some time. It can occur if there is a problem in the internal assembly of the mechanical control system.

Also, the joystick can produce noise if debris and dust in the internal assembly make it dry.

A solution to this problem is to lubricate the joystick. Try clearing dust from the internal assembly and pouring some oil for lubrication. If you do it well, lubrication will correct many other joystick issues.

2. Wear and tear

If you use your mower, the joystick is likely to wear out. That can happen because the mechanical system is the primary part of the Country Clipper mower, making it functional.

If you suspect any wear and tear, the likely areas to check are the small parts like the throttle and suction cup.

You may have to consider joystick replacement if the wear and tear have rendered the control system inoperable. However, consult an expert to do the work for you.

3. Incorrect adjustments

The Country Clipper joystick adjustment must be accurate to allow it to move well. It mostly happens when you move the joystick to the neutral position to stop the mower, but the mower does not come to a complete halt or has some movement.

In this case, you should try moving the joystick to the neutral position again to stop the machine.

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If it does not come to a complete stop, you will have to make some adjustments. The best way of adjusting is to contact your local dealer. Otherwise:

  • Loosen the bottom nut on the suitable cable if the machine tracks to the right.
  • Turn the top nut clockwise in an eighth increment.
  • Retighten the lower nut to secure the cable.
  • Check the tracking of the mower and repeat the steps if necessary.

You can also do the same if the mower tracks to the left but ensure to loosen the bottom nut on the left cable.

Country Clipper mower with joystick

Image: YouTube

4. Joystick control lever is hard to slide

You may also notice that the joystick control lever is hard to slide UP and DOWN.

When that happens, the solution is to turn the detent adjustment screw anticlockwise until you obtain a desirable sliding action.

5. Joystick lever is not locking in the UP position

Another adjustment that causes problems with the joystick is the UP position.

When the lever is not locking in the UP position, consider turning the detent adjustment screw clockwise until you get the sliding action you wanted.

6. Joystick is not turning sideways

The joystick must turn sideways for easy maneuverability. But if it is not turning sideways, consider doing the following:

  • Open the joystick control lever assembly by removing the right-hand fender.
  • Remove the cross bolt, nut, and spacers.
  • Reassemble the spacers.

When reassembling the spacers, ensure at least one spacer on each side of the rod end ball to avoid damage.

Also, two spacers between the joystick pivot shaft and rod end ball joints adjust the side-to-side response of the control system. But if there is only one spacer, it will slow down the response.

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7. Slow speed

Slow speed is one of the most common Country Clipper mower joystick problems. It happens when the forward speed adjustments on the joystick are incorrect. Generally, the joystick has a forward speed governor plate.

The plate adjusts the maximum forward speed achievable by the mower. If you have issues with speed, adjust the plate as follows:

  • Loosen the two front screws on the joystick control.
  • Slide the plate further out from the joystick to increase maximum forward speed.
  • You can also decrease the maximum forward speed by sliding the plate inside toward the joystick.

You can now retighten the screws after getting the desired speed.


Country Clipper joystick problems can occur anytime, primarily if you have used the mower for a long time.

You can fix most issues with the control system once you determine the cause. For example, a noisy joystick means you must lubricate the internal assembly.

Also, if the joystick control lever is hard to slide UP and DOWN, try turning the detent adjustment screw anticlockwise. But if the joystick has too much wear and tear, consider replacing it.

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