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Country Clipper mower problems and troubleshooting tips

Those who have used the Country Clipper mower say many great things about it.

The mower can work well in all environments. For example, you can use it on a property with different grass varieties, elevation changes, and uneven terrain.

Furthermore, the machine is easy to learn and operate and delivers enough power to complete the job.

But like many mowers, you may encounter issues with the Country Clipper mower, like where it won’t start or loses power.

So, how do you troubleshoot in such situations?

You can troubleshoot a Country Clipper lawn mower based on the exact issue. For example, if the mower operates in one direction only or becomes jerky when starting, the cause is air trapped in the hydraulic system, the drive belt has slipped, or the pulley has a problem.

Therefore, the correct fix would be to purge transaxles or repair or replace the drive belt or pulley. If there is physical damage to the blades, the solution is to replace them.

Country Clipper lawn mower

How to troubleshoot Country Clipper mower problems

You may encounter different problems with the Country Clipper mower. Here’s a guide for troubleshooting them.

1. Country Clipper mower won’t turn over

Several factors can cause the Country Clipper mower engine to fail to turn over, including:

  • The mower blade engagement switch is in the On
  • The drive levers are not in the Neutral
  • The battery is dead.
  • The mower has blown a fuse.

You can solve this issue in different ways:

  • Press the mower blade engagement switch to the Off position.
  • If you have a Joystick model, ensure the control lever is in the Neutral Lock.
  • If you have a Twin-stick model, move drive levers to the Neutral Lock.
  • Charge or replace a dead battery.
  • Replace the fuse.

You may need to consult an expert if the engine will not turn over because of an issue with the starter solenoid, ignition switch, or engine starter.

2. Engine turns over but won’t start

In a different scenario, you will notice that the Country Clipper mower engine turns over but fails to start.

Various factors may have caused it, including no gas, the engine being over or under-chocked, the spark plug not firing, the ignition switch having an issue or the carburetor malfunctioning.

You can troubleshoot this issue as follows:

  • Refuel your mower, clean the gas tank, or replace the fuel filter.
  • Adjust the Choke to the On or Off position if the engine is over or under-chocked.
  • Clean the spark plug if it is not firing.
  • Reset the carburetor adjustment.
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You may want to consult an expert if the ignition switch is faulty.

3. Country Clipper mower engine starts well but cuts out

An issue occurs whereby the engine starts well but cuts out, misfires, overheats, and runs rough or erratically.

Water in gasoline could be the primary culprit. But the problem could be a clogged fuel tank, restricted or pinched tank vent hose, faulty fuel pump, or malfunctioning carburetor.

Here are some solutions:

  • Drain the fuel tank and carburetor bowl, then refuel it with fresh gasoline.
  • Replace the fuel filter.
  • Correct the restriction on the tank vent hose.
  • Clean the intake fins and screen.
  • If the engine cuts out when the Drive Control Lever is in the Drive position, check the parking brake and release it to the Off position.

Consider readjusting the carburetor if it has maladjusted.

4. Blades won’t engage

The blades on the machine must engage in cutting grass.

But if the Country Clipper blades won’t engage, the problem is a malfunction in the blade engagement switch, a disengaged belt tension lever, low battery voltage, a blown fuse, or a broken deck drive belt.

Mower Blade

You can try different things to fix this issue.

  • Reinstall the deck drive belt.
  • Replace the deck drive belt if broken.
  • Test battery voltage.
  • Check the fuses and repair or replace them if necessary.
  • Engage the deck belt tension lever to apply tension on the belt.

Also, consider checking the electric clutch wire connector to ensure it is not disconnected. Otherwise, you will have to reconnect the connector to the harness connector.

5. Mower loses power when you engage the blades

When the Country Clipper mower loses power when you engage the blades, the engine usually stalls.

Ideally, the cause could be a faulty safety interlock system, an object blocking the blades, or you are not in the operator’s seat.

Consider the following steps to troubleshoot this issue.

  • Sit on the operator’s seat and try again.
  • Check whether an object is blocking the blades and remove it.
  • Repair the deck drive belt if it is not routed correctly.

You may have to consult an expert if the cause of the issue is a faulty safety interlock system.

6. Country Clipper mower blades are not spinning fast

If the blades are not spinning fast on your Country Clipper mower, the cause could be pulley damage or a slipping drive belt. Also, a faulty transaxle or low battery can cause a problem.

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Try the following to find a solution:

  • Repair or replace the drive belt or pulley.
  • Ensure you have firmly connected the pulley to the mower.
  • Recharge the battery or replace it if necessary.

If the transaxle has an issue, consult a dealer for assistance.

7. Country Clipper mower hydraulic drive has no power in either direction

The hydraulic drive on the Country Clipper mower has no or low power in either direction because the engine speed is low or there is air trapped in the hydraulic system.

It may also occur if the bypass or tow valves are open, the steering linkage is out of adjustment, or the traction drive belt is loose, broken, or worn. You can troubleshoot the issue as follows:

  • Readjust the drive linkage.
  • Close the bypass valve if it is open.
  • If the traction drive belt is loose, broken, or worn, install a new one.
  • Purge the transaxles if the air is trapped in the hydraulic system.
  • Adjust the machine’s rpm if the engine speed is low.

You will also have to fill the transaxle oil level if it is low.

8. Country Clipper mower transaxle is noisy

The primary cause of a noisy transaxle includes contaminated oil, low oil level, loose parts, excessive loading, and air trapped in the hydraulic system.

Fix it as follows:

  • Change the oil and filter or fill the oil to the required level.
  • Reduce vehicle loading.
  • Replace any loose parts.
  • Repair or replace the linkage.

If air is trapped in the hydraulic system, consider purging the system.

9. Country Clipper mower has uneven cutting

Uneven cutting is when your lawn has smooth troughs or waviness. The issue occurs because of deck maladjustment or deck damage.

It can also happen if the blades are worn out, dull, or damaged. You can achieve an even cutting by doing different things, including:

  • Correcting the deck level.
  • Sharpening or replacing blades.
  • Cleaning the underside of the mower deck.
  • Repairing or replacing the deck shell.
  • Inflating the tires to the right air pressure.

Also, consider reinstalling the blades correctly if installed wrongly.

10. Country Clipper mower scalping the lawn

Scalping occurs when the Country Clipper mower blades come close to the ground or hit the lawn.

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The cause of the issue is the maladjustment of the deck. But it can also occur because of an uneven or bumpy lawn, the cut height is too low, or the tire is not properly inflated.

Some fixes include:

  • Raising the cutting height.
  • Correcting the deck level.
  • Inflating the tire to the proper air pressure.

If the ground speed is too fast, consider slowing down.

How to maintain a Country Clipper mower

You can prevent many problems with the Country Clipper mower if you maintain it properly.

Here are some maintenance tips to consider.

  • Ensure to keep the air intake screen in the engine clean.
  • Keep the battery clean by removing corrosion around the battery terminals. You can also prevent corrosion by coating all exposed terminal surfaces with grease.
  • Ensure tire pressure is within the required levels to ensure efficient operation of the machine.
  • Sharpen the blades every ten hours and discard any worn-out blades.
  • Replace worn-out blades and check on them every 50 hours of operation.

Understand that air locked in the hydraulic system can affect the machine’s efficiency. Therefore, ensure to purge the system properly to avoid a noisy operation, lack of power, and high operating temperature.

How to put a Country Clipper in neutral

You can put a Country Clipper mower in neutral, depending on the machine you use.

For example, if you have the Joystick model, the neutral lock is when the Joystick Drive Control Lever is in the Down position.

For the Twin Stick Models, the neutral lock is when the two Twin Stick Drive Control Levers are in the Out position.

Wrapping up

You may have different issues with your Country Clipper lower that require urgent fixing. For example, if the mower won’t turn over, consider replacing the fuse, charging the battery, or ensuring the control lever is in the Neutral Lock position.

Also, if the engine starts but cuts out, drain the fuel tank and carburetor bowl and then refuel it with fresh gasoline or replace the filter.

Finally, understand that proper joystick adjustment ensures the machine’s efficiency.

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