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What happens if you run a lawnmower without oil?

Oil is a vital component for any machine with a combustion engine, which most lawnmowers use. But what would happen if you don’t have oil, or the oil runs out while using the lawnmower? Will the machine function correctly?

Oil is the lifeblood of any combustion engine. Therefore, your lawnmower needs oil to run.

You can operate a lawnmower for only a few minutes without oil. However, note that the damage this can cause to the engine is likely to be extensive, requiring expensive repairs or a complete replacement of the machine.

Below, we have compiled all the information on the use of oil in a mower. Here is everything you need to know, from telling when lawnmowers need oil to what happens when it runs out, and more.

What will happen if your lawnmower runs out of oil?

Oil lubricates the internal components of a lawn mower’s engine. Doing so reduces friction between the moving parts, guaranteeing smooth movement. It also helps to keep the heat produced by the engine under control.

If your lawnmower runs out of oil, the friction in the engine would be too much. As a result, the lawnmower will start sputtering and seizing. The friction will also cause wear and tear in the engine and excessive heat, which can emit smoke and cause an explosion.

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How long will a lawnmower engine run without oil?

Depending on the lawnmower you are using, total engine failure and explosion can occur between 10 to 15 minutes. However, the machine is likely to start seizing and sputtering within a few minutes of use.

Does a lawnmower need oil to start?

Will low oil cause a lawnmower not to start? It depends on the type of machine you are using. Most lawn mowers will start with low oil (or even without). However, some lawn mowers come with an oil sensor switch that detects when the oil is too low and shuts off the engine.

What will happen if there is too much oil in a lawnmower?

Change lawn mower oil

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We have already seen the dangers of running a lawnmower on low oil. But what happens if you put in too much oil? Will it run well or cause issues?

While it might be tempting to put extra oil to prevent it from running out too soon, it can lead to severe problems.

Too much oil in your lawnmower is likely to:

  • Damage to the engine seals – this can lead to an oil leak, causing your mower to run out of oil. The air filter may be soaked in oil
  • Overheat the engine – too much oil produces resistance in the engine parts, overheating it.
  • Locking up the engine – can occur if the oil enters the engine cylinder. If the oil enters the combustion chamber, it will be burnt, emitting smoke, not to mention causing possible damage to the engine.
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What will happen if you don’t change your lawn mower oil?

As we have seen, oil is a vital part of a lawnmower engine. However, it does not last forever, and it requires regular changing. So what happens if you don’t change your oil for an extended period?

Well, as you continue running your lawnmower, dust from the intake and combustion chamber will build up in the oil. As a result, the oil degrades, reducing its efficiency at lubrication. Over time, this causes wear and tear to the engine and permanent damage.

How to change lawn mower oil?

You should regularly check your lawn mower engine oil and change it if it is dirty. Below is a step-by-step process on how to perform an oil change:

  • Run the engine for about 10 – 15 minutes to allow the oil to heat up. This makes the oil flow easily and thus easier to remove it all from the engine.
  • Turn off the lawnmower and drain the fuel tank to prevent spillage
  • Unscrew the oil fill cap and tip the lawnmower on its side to drain the oil into a container. Leave the mower tipped for about one or two minutes for the oil to drain completely
  • Once full drained, fill the lawnmower with new oil and screw back the oil fill cap
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What oil do you put in a lawnmower?

The type of oil to use will depend on the manufacturer. Most lawn mowers will come with recommended oil on the manual, so be sure to refer to it.

Oil is a crucial component of a mower, which is needed to run correctly. Without oil, the friction in the engine builds up, which can cause damage. If you don’t shut off the engine, you will find that your lawnmower is smoking and sputtering within a few minutes and can ultimately explode if you continue to run it.

Ensure that you change the oil in a lawnmower regularly. If not, the oil can become too dirty and degraded, which can cause damage to engine parts. Furthermore, you should not overfill the oil, as it can also lead to problems and damage your lawnmower.

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