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5 free apps to diagnose plant problems and diseases

Gardening and plant care, therapeutic as it may be, has its fair share of challenges. Plant lovers deal with identifying nutrient deficiencies and diagnosing plant diseases.

Fortunately, in this age of technological advancement, there are convenient tools to help diagnose and treat plant diseases. Smartphones have enabled plant lovers to effectively carry out plant disease identification online.

Below are 5 free apps that you can use to diagnose plant problems and diseases.

1. Planta


Planta is an app that detects plant diseases. It also helps you keep tabs on your plants’ growth, with automatic reminders for watering, fertilizing, cleaning, and repotting.

This app comes with Dr Planta, a cool feature that acts as a plant-care expert who helps users troubleshoot common plant problems. Planta also has a light meter feature that helps users measure sunlight.

However, these deluxe features are only available to premium subscribers at $8 monthly. 

Free users still enjoy the information on water, soil, and sunlight needs. This includes watering reminders and plant recommendations.

Download: Android | IOS

2. PictureThis


PictureThis is a free app that helps users identify plant diseases by picture. The app identifies a plant from the photo taken and suggests treatment.

In instances where the user is not satisfied with the diagnosis, they can reach out to their botanist team. They can then get customized treatment plans from the botanist team within 24 hours.

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PictureThis also allows users to set reminders for watering, fertilizing, and other plant-related chores.

Download: Android | IOS

3. Vera


Vera is one of the most common free apps for diagnosing plant diseases. The app provides a user-friendly interface where you can document your houseplants. 

Vera has customizable schedules for watering, fertilizing and repotting.

In-house experts are also available with guides on caring for different plants and tips to keep them healthy.

As of November 2020, Vera is only available to users in the United States.

Download: Android | IOS

4. Blossom


Easily one of the most versatile apps on this list, Blossom has functionality for outdoor gardens. 

The app provides information on how and when to sow seeds for outdoor gardens, seed spacing, planting, and harvest dates.

Blossom also offers integrated shopping; linking suggested tools and plants on Amazon for its users. 

Through plant picture ID, Blossom users can identify their plant and diagnose the disease. This feature is available to premium subscribers at $4 per month.

Download: Android | IOS

5. Gardenia


Gardenia is a helpful tool for outdoor gardeners. However, users can still use the free app to explore watering, fertilizing, and potting requirements for their indoor plants.

The app has a garden manager that enables users to set task reminders. It also provides gardening tips for a collection of 2000+ plant species. 

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The weather monitor also gives customized gardening information based on user locations.

Download: Android | IOS

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