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How long does Spectracide take to kill weeds?

Whenever you want to kill weeds at home, one product that comes to mind is Spectracide.

It is an herbicide many homeowners use to control the growth of unwanted plants along fences, sidewalks, patios, driveways, paths, and curbs, among other areas.

Commercial landscapers also use it to prepare fields for the planting of ornamentals, trees, shrubs, flower beds, and rock gardens. Despite its many applications, does Spectracide kill weeds?

Spectracide kills weeds because it has an active ingredient called diquat dibromide –a compound that works as a contact herbicide. It causes defoliation and desiccation of plants.

When sprayed on weeds, it will enter the plant through the leaves and move down to the roots. As a result, it will kill the entire weed by causing its leaves to fall off through defoliation and then the weed dries through desiccation.

How long does Spectracide take to work?

Spectracide begins to work once you spray it on weeds. You will see results within three hours of application. But for the herbicide to kill the undesired plants completely, it will take up to two weeks.

It is worth mentioning that the length of time also depends on weather conditions, the time of the year, and the plant you are trying to eliminate. In other words, it can take longer for the compound to get rid of weeds during the rainy season.

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When is the best time to spray Spectracide?

If you want to get the best results from the compound, apply it during warm, sunny weather. The temperatures should be above 60°F for it to be effective. Also, ensure that the plants are actively growing when spraying the herbicide.

An advantage of using Spectracide is it becomes rainproof in 15 minutes. That means watering the treated area after 20 minutes of application will not wash away its effectiveness.

As a precautionary step, use the chemical when the air is calm to prevent it from drifting to desirable plants.

When can you replant after spraying Spectracide?

Whenever you apply Spectracide weed and grass killer, you can replant ornamental flowers, shrubs, and trees one day after application.

However, you should wait for at least a week before reseeding, tilling, or laying sod. During replanting, ensure to rake up the soil and remove loosened thatch or debris.

Is Spectracide as good as RoundUp?

The debate on RoundUp vs. Spectracide has been ongoing for a long time. Generally, both compounds are powerful at getting rid of weeds.

The difference between the two is that the latter uses diquat dibromide as its active ingredient, and the former contains glyphosate.

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When it comes to performance, there is not much difference between the herbicides. Both kill weeds on contact and show visible signs within hours of application. Secondly, the compounds are post-emergent, meaning they work well when unwanted plants are actively growing.

However, RoundUp can kill older weeds, unlike Spectracide. Spectracide and RoundUp are also non-selective. They will get rid of any vegetation around your home.

In general, Spectracide Extended Control Concentrate Weed Killer is an excellent choice if you want to get rid of fresh and smaller plants. RoundUp will eliminate all types of vegetation, whether young or older.

Is Spectracide safe for pets and humans?

According to the EPA, Spectracide is hazardous to both humans and domestic animals. It causes skin and mild eye irritation.

When applying it, ensure to wear protective clothing to prevent the chemical from coming into contact with your skin. If it spills onto your clothes or skin, wash thoroughly using soap and water, and do the same after handling it.

When storing the product, ensure it is in its original container in a secure area away from heat or open flame.

After using the chemical, place the empty bottle in a trash can or recycle it. Follow the manufacturer’s directions when applying the compound.

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Check out this guide on safe weedkillers if you are looking for a product that won’t harm your kids and pets.

In conclusion

Spectracide is a compound commonly used to eliminate unwanted plants. But does Spectracide kill weeds? As an herbicide, it will eliminate weeds through defoliation and desiccation.

After applying Spectracide, expect to see visible results within three hours. However, expect the plant to die after two weeks.

Before treating an area using the chemical, ensure the plants are actively growing, the weather is warm and sunny, and temperatures are above 60°F.