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Can you use vodka as a weed killer?

Getting rid of weeds at home should not be a complicated process. You can either use chemical herbicides or natural solutions like vinegar to eliminate them. But did you know that you can use vodka to kill weeds from your lawn?

Vodka can be a substitute for many harsh herbicides. It also offers a cheap and effective solution to eliminating weeds at home. It is natural, easily accessible, and easy to use.

But before spraying weeds with vodka to remove them, you need to ensure that it has a concentration of at least 25%. Furthermore, the solution will only get rid of specific types of plants and not others.

Why it works

When you spray vodka on weeds, it draws moisture away from the plant’s foliage. As a result, the plant will suffer low growth, a decrease in leaf photosynthesis areas, and reduced yield. Wilting will then occur because of decreased turgor pressure. Once the plant foliage dries out, the weeds will die.

What weeds does vodka kill?

Vodka kills broadleaf weeds. Examples include mullein, plantains, dandelions, wild onions, chickweeds, and clovers, among others. But for this to be effective, you must use the liquid well, including knowing the right time to spray the alcohol.

How to use vodka to eliminate weeds

Vodka weed killer

Here is a vodka weed killer recipe that you can make at home. You will need:

  • A spray bottle
  • Six cups of vodka
  • Household liquid detergent
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  • Pour the vodka into the spray bottle.
  • Add four spoonfuls of liquid detergent.
  • Spray the solution on the weeds.

The liquid detergent works as a binder. It allows vodka to stick to the leaves of the weeds. When applying the treatment, ensure to cover the entirety of the plant. For the vodka to work well, spray it when the ground’s temperature is 15 degrees Celsius. Alternatively, use it when the sun’s energy is burning the weeds.

After the weeds dry, remove them using a hoe or any other effective weeding tool to get rid of the roots too.

When to plant after using vodka?

The vodka applied to the weeds to eliminate them will evaporate within 24 to 78 hours. That means you can plant anything within this period.

But if it rains, the water will wash away the alcohol and reduce its effectiveness. That means you will have to reapply vodka again. However, you can be extra safe by waiting at least one week before planting.

Is vodka harmful to the soil?

While using vodka to kill weeds offers a practical solution, it is not a good idea to overdo it. The alcohol will eliminate the plant, however, when used in excess amounts, it may impact the ecosystem of your garden negatively.

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Also, too much vodka will kill the beneficial microorganisms and other companion weeds that help to spread crucial minerals to the soil.

Should you use a vodka weed killer?

You can use vodka as a substitute for herbicides at home. But does alcohol kill weeds? When you apply alcohol to unwanted plants, it will draw moisture away from their foliage. That will cause the plants to suffer low growth and reduced yield. The best time of using this treatment is when the soil temperature is at least 15 degrees Celsius.