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Will Zoysia choke out weeds?

Zoysia is a tough, harsh, weather-tolerant grass that can withstand cold and hot seasons. The grass is thick and interwoven, forming a carpet-like structure that chokes out other grasses.

This carpet-like layer is soft enough to walk on barefoot, hence the reason why most people prefer to have Zoysia grass in their yards.

Zoysia grass also chokes out weeds by forming stolons that spread rapidly, occupying the entire space around them. The grass will develop deep and dense roots that crowd out weeds while replacing other existing grass.

Will Zoysia grass crowd out weeds?

Zoysia grass chokes out weeds and takes over other grasses by interlocking and spreading across the garden. Once it has grown and is firmly established, Zoysia extends out faster and more widely than it grows upwards.

While expanding sideways, it forms a thick dense carpet-like layer, which will choke any existing grass. At the same time, zoysia grass grows closely together, with its deep roots spreading out, leaving no space for other weeds to sprout.

NOTE: If you spot some weeds growing aggressively through the Zoysia grass cluster, consider using these weed removal techniques.

How to get zoysia to spread faster

Zoysia grass develops thick and deep roots. Before you plant the grass, ensure the ground is not hard. If not, dig deeper to loosen the soil to improve the rate of germination.

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Secondly, Zoysia needs direct sunlight to grow low and tight and spread faster. When you plant it under a shade, it may die or become bushy, preventing it from spreading faster.

Finally, ensure to fertilize the grass with diluted fertilizer to prevent the chemicals from damaging it.

Pros and cons of zoysia grass

A lawn with well manicured Zoysia grass
A lawn with well-manicured Zoysia grass

The advantages of planting Zoysia grass in your lawn as opposed to other types of grass include:

  • Zoysia grass can withstand high as well as very low temperatures. It is not affected by snow or hot weather. It is worth noting that the grass can withstand high temperatures of up to 120 degrees in drought and low temperatures of up to -30 degrees in winter.
  • Zoysia is the best grass to choke out weeds due to its ability to form thick and deep roots and spread outwards faster. It keeps your garden aesthetically beautiful and eliminates the need for chemicals to eradicate weeds.
  • It is low-maintenance. Zoysia spreads across more than it grows tall, meaning less mowing is needed compared to other grasses.
  • The grass is tough and hardy. It also forms a dense layer that can withstand heavy traffic. It can repair itself and regrow after it has been damaged, making it ideal for any type of playground.
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There are not many disadvantages of zoysia grass, but the main ones include;

  • The grass only does well in warm seasons and becomes dormant during cold seasons. Due to their dormant state in cold winter seasons, other grasses, such as Kentucky bluegrass, can invade your zoysia grass lawn during these seasons.
  • Despite the fact that zoysia grass can survive drought season better than other types of grass, this is only up to a certain level. Extreme heat conditions or drought can kill the grass or cause it to become dormant. Zoysia grass will need at least ¼ inch of water to survive dormancy and at least ½ inch to stay green every week.