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How to get rid of burr weeds

Burr weeds can be annoying, especially if they grow on your lawn. They will attach to your clothes or hair, prick your feet, or stick on your pet’s fur.

A disadvantage when they do all these is that they will disperse their seeds wherever you throw them once you remove them from your clothes.

So you have to figure out how to get rid of weeds with burrs before they can outgrow your lawn.

Burr weeds spread and reproduce by seeds. Thus, the best way of controlling the weed is to remove it before it can set its seeds or flowers. One way of getting rid of the plant is to mow your lawn regularly.

However, mowing is not an effective option for eliminating the plant permanently. Although you can use herbicides, such as Drexel MSMA 6 Plus Herbicide, burr weeds are tolerant to some chemicals.

The alternative is to use non-selective herbicides or boiling water. So, how do you get rid of burrweed stickers?

How to get rid of burr weeds from your lawn

You can kill these small spiky balls in the grass using different methods. These are the most effective:

1. Use herbicides to eliminate burr weeds

Burr weeds are stubborn because they spread and reproduce by seeds. Therefore, an effective way of eliminating them is to use herbicides to prevent their seeds from reproducing.

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However, you must use the herbicides in two phases. First, apply a pre-emergent herbicide and then a post-emergent herbicide.

A pre-emergent herbicide works before the burrweed grows to prevent it from showing up in your lawn or garden. The chemical will not interfere with germination but will stop new root cells.

A post-emergent herbicide attacks already grown weeds. Therefore, you will have to spray them once you see the burrweed showing its head on your lawn.

The best example of a post-emergent herbicide to use is the RoundUp Weed & Grass Killer III with Comfort Wand. Ensure to follow the manufacturer’s directions on using and applying a pre-emergent or post-emergent herbicide.

2. Pull the burr weed by hand

a person pulling weeds out by hand

You can get rid of burrweed stickers naturally by pulling them by hand. Hand-pulling the weed is effective because of the delicate nature of the plant’s root system.

Generally, the method works well when the unwanted plant is still young and not fully established.

Hand-pulling will remove the whole root, preventing the burr weeds from growing again. You can start by digging around the base of the weed to expose and remove all the connecting roots.

Alternatively, you can use a weeder tool, claw, sharp trowel, or screwdriver to dig up the soil and loosen the roots. Ensure to wear protective gloves to protect yourself from blisters and spikes.

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After hand-pulling the weeds, applying a pre-emergent herbicide is an excellent idea to stop them from growing further.

3. Use mulch to control burr weeds

Mulching is an excellent solution for preventing burr weeds from growing on your lawn. This method also helps maintain moisture in the soil.

When you apply a thick layer of mulch on your lawn, it will reduce the amount of sunlight that gets to the soil. As a result, it will be harder for the burrweed seeds to germinate. Furthermore, a thick mulch will smother any weeds that have not sprouted before becoming established.

The best organic mulches to use are compost or wood chips. When mulching, ensure to apply the mulch in already weeded areas.

It will be challenging to smother established burr weeds with mulch. Also, spread the mulch in the early season before local weeds germinate.

4. Consider soil cultivation

Soil cultivation helps cut down weedlings to prevent them from going to seed.

The method entails chopping down the young burr weeds and tilling them gently under the soil where you can leave them to decompose. You can use a rotary cultivator or hoe for this method.


You can permanently kill burweed from your lawn using both natural and chemical options. For example, you can spray a post-emergent or pre-emergent herbicide to eliminate the plant.

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Alternatively, you can hand-pull the weed to remove its roots or cultivate the soil to prevent it from going to seed. Another option is to use a mulch to prevent the plant from getting sunlight, halt its seeds from germinating, and smother any established plants.

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